Tips for Determining a Car’s Salvage Value

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One thing we all need to remember is that Every Car has a salvage value.

No matter what the condition, origin or region, every car can be purchased, sold or evaluated.

If you want to sell your car, but you are not sure what amount you should accept for it, you might want to find out the correct salvage value for your broken or unused car.

You can do this, by keeping in mind various factors related to your car, such as, by asking yourself the following questions:

  • How long have you been using it?
  • How damaged is it?
  • Can it be repaired?
  • Are there any working parts?

These answers will surely give you an idea of the amount that your car can be valued at. 


Tips to calculate Salvage amount of your Car

There are also various other factors that can affect the salvage amount of your car. They are:


  • Current Market Price

While determining the salvage value of your car, you should check the current market price for your car model. The current market price can often affect your car’s salvage value, considering that your seller might want to repair and resell it or sell it in a modified form after repairing. Secondly, the current market price will also give you an idea, that if you had to sell it back to your car company or a professional car dealer, then how much cash would you be getting for it.  You can then compare it with the money that any scrap car removal company would offer you, and then decide on whichever one is more.


  • Car Insurance

Before selling your car, you should always check if your car insurance is still in term, and if it has any clauses for that. Some car insurances cover all kinds of accidental damage and you could recover as much as 75% of the original ongoing market price of your car. It is always a good idea to check if your car insurance covers the kind of damage that you have on your car, and then claim it, if it is in your favour.

Scrap Car’s Salvage Value

  • Documents

Selling your car is going to be easier if you still have all the car documents in place. All the documents prove your authority over the car, and shows that it is not stolen, abandoned or someone else’s car that you are selling. An absence of the documents might make it a bit difficult for you to sell it, even to a car removal company. During the time of selling, a buyer might offer you any document to claim the deal, some buyers would offer you extra money if you do it without the documents. However, it is supposedly illegal and you should definitely keep a record for the identity of the person you’re selling it to.


  • Intact Parts

Any intact parts in the car, which are in fine condition would either increase the total value of the car. If not, you can always remove the parts and sell them separately, and give the rest of it to a car removal company. These intact parts could be a stereo or speakers in your car, they could be the seats, if they are made with good quality leather, seat covers, car cushions, any carpets or curtains that you might have used, any plastic boxes or containers kept in there, or any stepneys you might have kept for emergencies.


  • Buyers

What affects your salvage amount the most is the person that you are selling it to. If your buyer is the official car company, they would probably give you petty bucks for it, considering it is a very old model, and not even repairable. If you sell it to a car dealer, they might offer you more money than the company itself, but it’s going to be really difficult to get someone to buy it. Lastly, selling it to a scrap car removal company would surely get you the best money back for it, as they would literally buy any car, no matter how broken it is.


Following all these tips, it can be concluded that selling your car to Broken Cars Removal, who offers cash for cars in Sydney can be a good idea, to get the maximum return on your car investment. However, you should always thoroughly check your car for your belongings before giving it away, in case you might have left something precious (such as rings or jewellery) in there.