How to Sell a Car with an Expired Registration

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Are you thinking about how to sell a car with an expired registration?

Is there a need to renew your car registration before selling it?

Selling A Broken Car

Selling off a broken car is a difficult task, no matter which part of the world you live in. But it becomes all the more difficult when you are a resident of Australia, where the vehicle laws are strict and everything needs to be registered legally.

Secondly, finding good remuneration for a broken car can be tricky too. It is not easy as most people would not agree to pay you good for some unusable car which needs a lot of repairing before it can be put to any use. Hence, selling your old car remains, howsoever, a process involving lots of time and stress.


Selling off your Car with an expired registration

If you have  a car and you want to sell it off, surely you would need a registration to make it legal. But, what if your registration has expired? Would you need to get it renewed before you sell it off? All that for a broken car? The answer is yes, if you have to sell off your old car to anyone — a buyer, a trader, a car dealer, a professional car buyer — then you will need to get the registration renewed before you sell it.

However, if you are selling your old car to a Broken Car Removal company like us, chances are, you won’t need to get your registration renewed. Let us put it like this — if you don’t own the car anymore, you won’t need a registration anymore. We can buy it from you, and since we are going to dismantle it anyway, it will now be a heap of trash and not a car anymore. So, that means that you won’t need to renew your registration before selling the car and we’ll pay you a fair amount of cash for your car.

cash for cars

All you need is a copy of your licence for our records, just in case. And that’s is. That’s the simplest way to sell a car with an expired registration in Australia. Just sell it to us! Give us a call, we’ll buy it from you.


About Broken Cars Removal Australia

Broken Cars Removal is an Australia-based Scrap Car Removal Company which buys broken, unused and scrap cars from all over in Australia. We are environment friendly. Throughout all our processes, we make sure that we are not harming the environment anyhow. On top of that, we believe that we are contributing to a cleaner environment by removing all the broken cars lying around in households and backyards. We reuse and recycle the parts and make it an eco-friendly process. This way, you don’t have to throw away the parts in the landfills or burn them up.

We are accepting all sorts of cars this season. No matter what brand, what origin, what model. Just give us a call, we will buy them all!