How to Scrap my Car in NSW

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Scraping your unwanted car is not a very difficult task, anywhere in Australia. But here is some information just for your convenience about how to scrap car in NSW.


When to Scrap

First of all, you should be very sure whether you really want to scrap your car or not. Is it really unrepairable? Are you done with it? Do you just want to sell this one before you buy another? Have you already bought a second car before getting rid of this one? Well, these are the questions you should be asking yourself. If your car is in a broken and unusable condition, just taking up space in your home, you should definitely get it scrapped as soon as possible to a scrap car removal company.


Before Scraping

Unlike selling off your car, you don’t need to do any preparations such as repair or wash before getting your car scrapped. There are just a few things that you would need to do, to make sure that your scraping pays you well. They are:

  • Examine your car properly, if there are any missing parts lying in other parts of the house, you should assemble them all at one place, so as to allow maximum valuation of your old unused car.


  • Remove all the unnecessary things from the car other than its parts. There could be any boxes, toys, cushions, plastic accessories, etc lying in the car which won’t help your valuation. Hence, they can be removed for any other possible use.


  • Prepare the documents of the car — the driving licence and registration number.


  • If you have used your old car for a long while, you can click some pictures for memory of your old car. You won’t get to see it again.

Broken Cars Removal

During Scraping

There is a lot of hustle included in selling your car to car dealers. But scraping your car gets you free from these efforts. There isn’t much that you need to do while getting your car scrapped. However, while the guy examines your car, you can give him instructions on which parts are working and which aren’t. You can also ask for a detailed account of the final valuation of your car. Broken Cars Removal makes sure to give you a complete detailed valuation to ensure you that your cars are paid off in good amounts.


After Scraping

If you are in NSW you will need to write to the vehicle registration office that you have sold off your car so that it is legal. You would also need to give up your registration number as, in some states, it is illegal to keep a registration plate without owning a vehicle and this could attract various penalties for you.


Broken Cars Removal

Broken Cars Removal is the best car scraping service in NSW. We accept all sorts of cars in all conditions. Our managers ensure that you receive the best valuation of your old Broken Cars. While selling to us, there is no hustle and no stress. Our managers reach you in just one call. Want to sell your old car? Just give us one call and we are there for you.


And that’s about it. Selling off your scrap car in NSW is as easy as that.