How to Get Cash for Broken Cars

How to Get Cash for Broken Cars

This is a question that most people have in their mind – How Can one Make any Money from my broken car?

Well Yeah, Most Certainly! If your car has met an “unfortunate event” you have lots of options available to get rid of it safely.

Even if there is nothing left in your car, it can be sold to junk metal collectors and if the car has few working parts that’s even better. Found new hope! Keep reading this article to find out more about how to get cash for broken cars.

The Smart ways to get cash for Broken Cars

  • Sell Car As it Is

At the point where you find out the damages in your car are good for repairing, the best option is to sell your car as it is. You can hire a professional assessor to find out what actually your car is worth. In this way you are assertive during sales. 

In case if you don’t have money to hire a professional assessor, do a complete research of the car market values for the same models and for the same state you live in. Now settle at the value you want to sell your car, set the conditions of sale and the method of payment. Finally, choose the right platform to advertise your car.

  • Broken Car Trade-in 

This your car can save you some time and effort for making a private sale. First, find out its value. Second, find the source that offers a broken car trade-in option either online or offline. 

Get different value quotations for both – your car and the car you want to trade-in with. Take into account the towing charges, some traders might offer you free while others will ask you to pay for it.

  • Sell Car to High-Value Junkyard

Find out junk yards that are interested in your car type. To sell your broken car for fast cash can be low profitable. As the cost range compared to the buying cost of the vehicle is high. Be confident about selling your vehicle to junk as this will avoid having a second opinion in the middle of the process. 

Get different valuations to compare, and then decide on the one that offers you the highest value. To get a higher return, you can have the buyer organise for transport as some will provide free.

  • Sell Broken Cars as Scrap

While selling your broken car keep in mind the level of damage on the car. There is a possibility that the engine could break down, the body of the car might be deformed or the interior could have been damaged.

Often, any of these or all of these are destroyed beyond repair, you can choose to sell your car as junk/scrap. To get the value of your car put a price on it and based on the level of damage. 

  • Sell Parts from the Car Yourself

One option available for you is to dismantle useful or reusable parts and sell them off to a private buyer or auto-part collectors. You might have to research and know what you are thinking about selling the different parts. A complete car inspection of the usable parts by an expert is a must to sell the part with confidence.

So think what you want to do and get extra cash in your pocket. In case you want to rid of your broken car, contact Broken Car Removal and we will give you the best deal on your car upto $10,000 with free of cost towing.