How Much is my Scrap Car Worth?

Broken Old Car

Let us guess, you are reading this blog because you own an old vintage car which is broken and unusable now. It is lying in your backyard waiting to be saved by some mechanic. However, it is not worth it, in the amount that you put on getting in repaired, you can add a small amount and buy a new car instead. That sounds like a plan.

But wait, your old scrap car is not entirely useless. Chances are, that old scrap car you think worthless of, actually costs a thousand dollar and by keeping it with you longer, you are actually reducing its worth over time.


Broken Car Removal

Have you ever heard about scrap car removal companies that buy off old broken cars and recycle them to sell them second hand? Yes? We are one of such companies who buy all sorts of second hand, broken, damaged, and unused cars throughout the year. We dismantle them completely and create our own car models out of the usable parts. Any parts that are so damaged that they cannot be used go to either the decor department or the wreckage. You’re right, the decor department will make beautiful artifacts with them by painting and putting them together, and the wreckage will go to the landfills.

scrap car removal

How much is your Scrap Car worth?

Chances are, your Scrap Cars are worth more than you thought. And we are here to prove it you.

We buy old cars with even major damages and even after any accidents. Broken Cars do deserve some love.

  • For your old cars, we pay anywhere between $500-$2000, depending on what condition they are in.
  • If you want to sell your vans, it could remunerate to $700-$3000
  • Your old trucks and buses can get you as much as $1000-$4000

Does it sound intriguing? It is! However, this is just an estimate. To get an exact amount for your Scrap Car’s worth, visit our website, give us a call and let our executives take it from there. One of our managers will either visit you or ask for pictures and videos, and in return you will receive an exact a’mount quotation for your junk car. Sounds easy, right?


We Buy them All!

If you are worried about the condition of your car, your car’s model (new, old or vintage), your car’s origin (Australian, or any other), or even your car’s document (Did you lose them somewhere? Registration got expired?) then we are here to assure you that we accept all sorts of cars, vans, buses, mini-buses, trucks and even SUV’s and pay you instant cash for cars in return. We do not discriminate while buying cars. No matter what scrap car you own, you can sell it off in just one call.