How Much Does Car Scratch Removal Cost?

car scratch repair sydney cost

Dear fellow reader, you have come to the right place, if your vehicle has had a minor prang and you are trying to figure out the scratch removal expenditure for the same. Read on to understand the car scratch repair cost in Sydney through this blog.

The Causes and the Cost of Scratch Removal from Cars:

Assessment is the prime key to estimate the cost of scratch removal at any car removal scrap shop. To make it easier for you to understand the cost of scratch we have elaborated the types of scratches, their fixtures, and the cost of the same in this blog.

In every car, there are 3 layers of paint that incur scratched from accidents or rough handling.

Clear-Coat is the first layer, Paint Coat is the second layer while Primer is the third layer. Based on the size of the scratch and the length of the scratch the cost of the scratch is determined. In fact, another major factor that affects the scratch cost is, how deep the scratch has penetrated in the paint layers. 

Take a look at the types of scratches and their fixes below:

Scratch Type 1: 


The light surface scratch collection that has corroded the first layer of the paint is called scuffs and can be removed with spit.

The fix: 

Use the rubbing compound available at car removal shops will do the job for you at $50-$70.

Scratch Type 2: 

Clear-Coat Scratch

Deeper, and longer scratches in comparison with scuffs are known as the clear-coat scratch. Since they do not go beyond the first layer removing the scratch is not a big problem for these as well.

The fix:

As suggested in the first fix method, a rubbing compound can be used. If the scratch is a little more deeper then you can use sandpaper to get rid of the scratch. You will have to soak the sandpaper in water and then rub the scratch and later use a polisher to retain its paint beauty. This will approximately cost upto $150 at the body shop and a little lesser at car removal yards.  

Scratch Type 3: 

Paint Scratch

As the name suggests the scratch would have penetrated into the paint level thus demanding repainting to fix it.

The fix: 

Using the same colour touch up paint or bottle brush you can apply on the scratched area to mask the scratch completely This will cost you around $400 to $1000 as the exact same colour needs to be matched and then that portion has to be repainted. 

Scratch Type 4: 

Deep Paint Scratch

These are the scratches that have impacted the body of the car severely and require pretty much repair to be fixed as they would have exposed the bare metal. 

The fix: 

This deep scratch repair cost will cover complete repairing of the scratch and that part of the car body. This can easily cost upto $800 to $1500.

So, this was all about the car scratches and their fixes, Hope this was helpful.