How Do You Get Rid Of Junk Metal?

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Hello Reader, sometimes don’t you wish that anything you touch, turns into gold? Well, it’s quite possible, but only if your name is King Midas. But, there is some good news for you! Although you cannot turn things into gold, you can turn the junk metal into cash which would be no less than the value of gold. As you make money, you can also help save the environment.

You might have come across the term junk metal recycling many times before. Generally, most commonly seen terms are broken car removal.

For any average person, cutting down on landfill pollution is possible through junk metal recycling. Let us delve into what all we can recycle and why is recycling them important.

Tips to Know Before Recycling the Junk Metal

  • Some of the most commonly recyclable metals are Steel, Copper, Iron, Lead, Tin, Aluminium, Silver, and Brass.
  • Appliance metals are recyclable.
  • As Metals take decades to decompose when dumped in a landfill, thus recycling is a better option.
  • Recycling the Metal will automatically limit the mining needs.
  • Compared to mining, reusing recycled metals takes less energy than the required virgin ores to create a new metal
  • Threats to the environment caused due to mining of virgin ores can affect the vicinity’s biodiversity, contamination of soil and groundwater, landslides and sinkholes adversely. 
  • One of the surprising fact is that Aluminium cans can be recycled infinite times
  • Use a magnet to identify Ferrous and Non-Ferrous.
  • If you have an unused car at home which is in a good condition but not required by you or your family anymore, then you can sell it as scrap i.e commonly known as car removal

Can Rusted Metals be Recycled?

In the recycling world, often a crucial factor in determining the  recycling market is the condition of your products. Now, if there are some metal furniture’s at your place or parts of cars or may be a whole car that has been covered in rust, you can still get cash for cars and other furniture’s as well. Read on to know how.

Rust – What is it?

When iron reacts with oxygen from water or moisture to produce iron oxide, rust occurs which is actually a reaction of combustion, without the flames.

Recycling Rusted Metal

Iron at the very beginning would be in an oxidise form known as ore when it is first extracted from the earth. When the process of Smelting is done, it breaks the bonds created by oxygen and iron. It’s only after this the metal can be classified into steel.

This means that the removal of oxygen from the rusted material has to be carried out to recycle the rusted metal.

Tips for Recycling Rusted Metal

  • Prevent rust by coating all the metals that is placed outside like fences, lawn furniture, etc
  • Use a natural process to remove the rust, for reusable products with surface rust
  • Call a scrap recycler to confirm whether or not the product is recyclable.

You can contact the Broken cars removal in Sydney to get money for your valued unused car or parts of it. So yes, your scrap values are higher than you think!