How Do Car Removal Companies Operate

Broken Car Removal

There are several Car Removal Companies in and around Australia. And I am pretty sure there are millions of such companies all around the world. It is interesting to know that so many people are selling off their scrap cars to these companies, for them to function nicely with great profits. While all these companies work on the same old principle, not all of them care about the environment as much as we at Broken Cars Removal do.


Buying Broken Cars

All Car Removal Companies do this directly. They buy old, broken and unused cars from willing customers. They contact them directly and send tow-trucks to pick up their cars. This is a very common practice. However, some companies might not agree to pick up your car if it is in a severely damaged condition, they will straightforwardly refuse to take it in. Some have a specific preferences, they will pick up only cars, and not vans or trucks. That is disappointing. Broken Cars Removal accepts all sorts of cars, no matter what condition they are in.


After Buying Broken Cars

So this step is what actually makes a difference. Buying does not make as much of a difference, but what they do to the cars after buying is what makes a huge difference everywhere.


This is what *some* other car removal companies might do:

  • Dismantle them improperly and diffuse chemicals into soil and nature.
  • Throw away unusable spare parts into random dustbins or in landfills.
  • Do not wreck the damaged cars properly before throwing them.
  • Do not pay attention to reuse and recycle.
  • Burn non-recyclable parts of the cars in huge heaps contributing to chemicals in air.


Instant Cash for Cars


What Broken Cars Removal does:

  • At initial stage, we make sure our mechanics dismantle the cars properly, with safety to ensure the safety of themselves as well as ensuring no harm to the environment.
  • We do not throw away any parts into the wild, we try to recycle them all.
  • The parts that we cannot recycle at all, we sell them to interior decor people, they make beautiful art pieces by painting and putting them together.
  • We pay attention to ensure there is maximum recycling and reusing.
  • We do not burn any portions, we understand what harm it does to the environment.
  • Finally we wreck any parts we want to throw into tiny cubicles which makes them easier to decompose and disintegrate.


Sell Your Old Broken Cars in Australia

Broken Cars removal is buying all broken cars and scrap cars in Australia. We are accepting all cars and providing instant cash for cars. No matter which part of Australia you live in, we are here to serve you. Just give us one call and our managers will reach out to pick up your broken cars at the quickest possible time.