Earn Instant Cash for Scrap Car along with an Eco-Friendly Disposal

Are you a resident of Australia?

Do you want to earn instant cash for cars by selling your old, broken car?

Are you thinking about getting your car scraped?

Have you considered your options yet?


Broken Cars Removal is here to offer you the most eco-friendly car scraping services in Australia.

With Broken Cars Removal, you can scrap your car stress-free without having to worry about safe and eco-friendly disposal of the wrecked parts. 

Here are some of the services of Broken Cars Removal in Australia:


  • We buy them all

Broken Cars Removal has a record breaking attitude of buying all sorts of cars, no matter what condition they are in, irrespective of their origin, year of manufacture, availability, market reach, or even generation and fuel system. We love all our cars equally. If you’re wondering if we will buy your car, the answer is always a yes!


  • Free Pickup Service

Broken Cars Removal offers free car removal services in Australia. We do not believe in hidden charges. Our charges for pickup is absolutely zero. We do not charge our customers for the pickup of their cars. We schedule our pickups on the day of their convenience and availability too.


  • One the spot Cash for Cars

As soon as our manager arrives at your location with the pickup trick, they will pay you in cash, instantly. We offer instant cash in hand to all our customers everywhere in Australia, except in the Sydney region, where cash payment is banned on metal deals and is a punishable offence by law.

Instant cash for cars

  • Legal Documentation and Verification

As per the new scrap metal laws, our business is registered with the government and we make sure that all our deals are documented properly along with identity verifications, pictures and details of our deals. We ensure that all are deals are completely legal and legit and no customers feel insecure about dealing with us.


  • Eco-friendly disposal

The best part of our services is that you don’t have to care about how and where the spare unusable parts of your car are disposed. We make sure that everything is wrecked properly into small cubes and fragments before disposal, which allows the trash to degrade faster and better. We also ensure that the waste generated is minimal, and whatever can be recycled and refurbished is done so. It is important to ensure safe Dispose of Your Car to Help Keep Sydney Green.


  • Fast selling and Instant earning

Another good thing about selling your old car to Broken Cars Removal is that the process is now easier than ever. All you have to do is to fill a google form or give a phone call on their official helpline number and that’s it. You are now just one step away from receiving instant cash for cars. The manager will schedule a day for pickup of your car. When the truck arrives to pick up your car, that’s when you get paid. It’s that simple, and that fast.


There are of course other dealers with whom you can get your old broken car scraped. But the options don’t sound too convincing. Some of them don’t offer cash, some would charge you extra for the car pickup, while some would just disagree to buy your car. Some might agree to buy it, but the compensation would be deterioratingly lower than expected. That is why it is suggested to compare and study all your dealers thoroughly over the internet, check the reviews on forums, ask the people around you, and finally talk to their sales executives before you finalize on any one scrap car dealer. Choose whichever one best suits your needs and requirements and is the most convenient for you.