Selling An LPG Converted Car For Top Cash

Cash For Car

Selling your old LPG Converted car for cash can be a tricky task, however, it might help you if you let your buyers know the benefits of owning an LPG Converted car. You can put up these points during your discussion or even on your advertisements, both online and offline. Customers don’t buy your products; customers buy your solutions to their problems. This approach to selling will probably work good in your favour.

Here are a few advantages of owning an LPG Converted car that you can mention to your potential buyers:

  • Lower Fuel Costs

You have to spend very less on LPG fuel, as compared to petrol since it is cheaper and more pocket-friendly. Hence, owning an LPG converted car will reduce your overall cost of car spent on maintenance and running it in general. This can make you save a lot of money in the long run.

  • Eco-friendly

We all are aware that LPG is a greener option as compared with petrol. Carbon emissions from petrol-based vehicles are responsible for nearly 40% of total pollution globally. LPG Based vehicles emit 35% less carbon as compared to Petrol vehicles. Even if one person in each city buys an LPG based car, it will make a significant difference for the entire country.

  • Prolonged Engine Life

LPG based car engines, statistically, stay healthy for a longer period of time as compared to the petrol-based vehicles, since, LPG is a clean fuel, unlike petrol. LPG does not cause too much wear and tear inside the car engine, making it last longer.


There are several other benefits of owning LPG Converted cars, such as, since their engines remain healthy for longer, they might not require servicing as frequently as the petrol-based cars. Owning an LPG based vehicle, you can be more conscious of your carbon footprint on the environment and reduce it greatly.

However, if you own a petrol-based car and want to convert it to an LPG based car, it might not be a good idea. The conversion rates for such a thing is very high. It can cost you around $5000 dollars, or maybe even more. It is smarter to buy a new or a second hand LPG Car, rather than getting your old one converted.


Cash For Cars

LPG Converted cars are a good choice for anyone, no matter where you live. However, if you a buyer and not a seller, here are some points to consider before buying an LPG Converted car:

  • You might not find LPG easily in your nearby areas. Due to a lack of LPG, a lot of LPG stations have now shut down in most of the locations. Even if you do find a station in your city, you might have to travel a long distance to get it filled, making it a daunting task as well as a lot of inconveniences. It also becomes senseless if you have to get your car fueled each time you step out, just because the station is too far.
  • You might not find enough options for new LPG based car models. LPG cars are going off demand lately, and hence, a lot of companies have not stopped making LPG Vehicles. Even the ones who still do, don’t have good enough advanced models. You might have some trouble buying a new LPG Car, due to a shortage of options and lack of advanced equipment.


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