Is Selling a Flood Damaged Car Legal in Sydney?

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Are you planning to sell your old flood damaged car in Sydney?

Are you wondering if it is legal or not?

Well, we don’t know who needs to know this but, it’s confirmed that it is NOT illegal to sell any kind of flood damaged car in Sydney. 

It is considered incomprehensible and illicit to mention the minute details of the damage that your car might have undergone during the floods, however, it is totally legal to sell it privately or to auction it.

A lot of people are comprehensive about sharing the details of the damage that the flood has caused to them and their families. However, trying to gain sympathy in this way, and expecting people to buy your junk in fair price is unacceptable. People do often help flood survivors with money and donations, and the genuine loss is always acknowledged, help from the government is also always on its way, but using your story for your benefit is as bad as creating controversy on someone’s death.


Why sell you flood damaged car?

Your flood damaged car is pretty useless for you now. The amount of money that you will have to splurge in order to get it repaired and back in the working condition would be too much. It is smarter to sell it off and get whatever money possible from it, and invest in a new car.

But again, who would buy a damaged car which is not in a working condition?

Secondly, you would have to get it properly cleaned before even displaying it to anyone. So much effort!

Here’s an idea: Why don’t your sell it to broken cars removal in Sydney?


Reasons to scrap your broken flood damaged car in Sydney

Reason #1 — Effortless Selling

Looking for individual or professional buyers for your broken car is a waste of time and efforts. Selling your broken car to Cars Removal Sydney is the most effortless way to sell your old car. All you need to do is to give them a phone call and they will be at your doorstep soon enough. Their pickup service is also free and they would buy your car at all costs, no matter how bad condition it is in. 

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Reason #2 — Instant Cash

Scraping your car with Broken Cars Removal means that you can earn some instant cash for scrap car. They hand you over cash for your car when their pickup truck arrives to pick up your car at your location. Not all companies who buy broken cars do that.


Reason #3 — Contribution to Environment

Scraping your car ensures that you are not keeping that unusable machine no more around your house. It might be emitting toxic fumes or chemicals into the environment which could also prove to be bad for the kids around in the area, or anyone with respiratory diseases. Broken Cars Removal’s safe disposal policies further ensures environment friendly disposal of the wreckage.


All in all, scraping your flood damaged car is the best option to dispose of it. Rather than wasting your time, money and energy in selling or repairing the flood damaged car, it is better to scrap it away. And the money that you receive from doing so can be invested in the purchase of a brand new car.

Broken Cars Removal buys all sorts of cars — broken, unwanted, unused, damaged and even wrecked, and ensures their safe disposal. They pay you in cash instantly and in fair value for your old or broken car.